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Public Art for Where We Are

Presented by Andover Arts & Culture Alliance
#AndoverCreates   #AndoverLawnArt   #MassLawnArt


All are welcome to participate!




AACA’s Lawn Art project launched May 1, 2020 to celebrate Massachusetts ART WEEK AT HOME.



To participate

Create a work of art or creative expression.

Install it on your “lawn”, i.e. any publicly visible location from your home — a window, balcony, tree, fence, driveway, shed wall, rooftop, or larger grassy area. 

Print & install a label for your artwork:

As part of Andover Arts & Culture Alliance’s
Lawn Art project
#AndoverCreates #AndoverLawnArt
To find out more please visit

Take a photo or video of your creation

Post the photo or video to your social media channels using #AndoverCreates #AndoverLawnArt , and #MassLawnArt

To be included in the AACA gallery (or participate anonymously), send your photo to along with the title of your artwork.



Want to use our template exhibit label?  Here it is:

Link to a google doc with template

Open this label template in google docs, make a copy of the file, and then edit it by adding your title and name, or download this Microsoft Word template.

Looking for some inspiration?

Check out this Pinterest board for ideas!


Or here are a few projects AACA members created.

Water meditation, fabric, metal, and wind

Water Meditation: fabric, metal, and wind.


Balloon Tree

Balloon Tree


Sidewalk Art - found materials mandala

Sidewalk Art: Found Materials Mandala


Butterfly Tree in Bloom: paper, string, beads, tree and wind

Butterfly Tree in Bloom


Rainbow T-shirt Bomb of Tree

Rainbow T-shirt Bomb of Tree



Free poetry on a clothesline

Free Poetry Clothesline


"The Fabric of Our Lives" a weaving made from upcycled old clothing.

The Fabric of Our Lives


Tinker Toy Sprite - large sculpture

Tinker Toy Sprite


Clothesline art gallery

Clothesline Art


Thank You Tree

Thank You Tree


Woven Banners

Woven Banners