The Andover Arts & Culture Alliance was formed in 2017 to provide an opportunity for local arts and culture organizations to collaborate and bring greater focus to the rich cultural offerings in Andover.

Our Mission

To nurture, enhance, and advocate for the artistic and cultural vitality of the Greater Andover Community.

Our Vision

To create a fertile landscape for arts & culture to grow in Andover, attracting more artists and creative people, cultural organizations, and audiences to the area.

Who are we?

Local arts and culture organizations

Artists, designers, craftspeople, teachers, producers, and other types of creatively inclined residents of Andover 

Close friends of the arts

What do we do?

Share information with each other about activities, events, and opportunities

Support each other’s work

Advocate for more support of arts & culture events, activities and initiatives  in Andover

How do we do it?

Meet regularly monthly

Attend cultural events in and around Andover

Participate in town and community meetings as well as planning and economic development initiatives

Connect with Select Board members and other town leaders as well as State representatives about issues important to Andover

Promote arts & cultural events around town on the AACA Facebook and Instagram pages 

Promote the Town’s calendar, by each adding our events to it and raising awareness amongst the public that it is there

Promote each other’s events

Identify opportunities to collaborate on programming in order to cross-pollinate audiences and leverage additional resources or use limited resources more effectively

Participate in town-wide and regional cultural planning efforts